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[Totally-Bouncy-Gallery] File - * NEW NOTE! *


We have a new photo album!

Think "2007" or "where the new photos are"!

If you can see them, Congratulations!
go the the "2007" album, follow the description and get
the best of the best Glamor photos!

If you can't see photos or albums, like some people.
sorry, your out of luck.

As for Totally Bouncy Gallery, don't fear loyal members,
TBG is still going to be here and some (not all) of the
photos will still be here too.


I'm just trying to get the people who can see the photos,
even more a chance to get the best of Glamor and Fashion.

I wanted to take Glamor to a new level in CLASS!!

But members abused that, tried to upload pics that were
not of Glamor, ect, and only sent spam in messages.

This group is now 17,000+ members strong... and yet, how
many Totally true members are there?

Well, now management is going to find out.

If you can see the album, if you can see the photos, and
if you put a little time and effort into it... you can
still see the Best and classicist Photos on Yahoo!

If you can't ( AND NO! WE STILL DO NOT E-MAIL PICS! ) then
you can still be here.

So, now your in the know!

** MIZ **

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